Dance theater by Mario Heinemann and Sophie Jaillet.

Dancers: Hélène Chevrier, Emmanuelle Coutant, Florian Eckhardt, Anne Poncet-Staab

Length: about 80 minutes

May 01 Festival Tanz.Auf.Takt, Dresden
Sept. 01 @FNAK, Heidelberg
June 7th+8 02, Theater Heilbronn
July 12+13 02, Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart
August 9-25 02, Fringe Festival New York, USA
November 11 02,  Tanztheatertage Regensburg
08 März 03, Opening of the Schrittmacher Festival, Aachen


Sächsische Zeitung

(...)The productionBlind Date by Sophie Jaillet and Mario Heinemann is sure to enhance any dance festival. Both of them live in Heidelberg where they developed the piece with four performers. Its unbelievable how people can be made to think through something as intelligent and sensual as dance.  And their thinking goes far beyond the question, what does this transcendental number Phi mean. Does the series of experiments create or destroy a system? (...)

Gabriele Gorgas

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